Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fraser Shipyards (part two)

With the St Clair and the Kaye E Barker behind us we turned our attention to those vessels in front of us.

Above: Directly in front was the USCG Mackinaw. It was in dry dock for some repairs to it propulsion units. Alas, we couldn't see into the dry dock to see what was going on. But they must have almost been finished as she left the yard a few days later.
Above: Next was the American Victory. Though we didn't realise it at the time we were already familiar with this boat. We had seen it on a previous tour loading with taconite at the DMIR dock. It was named the Middletown at that time and was owned by Oglebay Norton. However the ship was sold on to Great Lakes Shipping and was renamed the American Victory.
Above: I was interested to see that the shipyards owned some tugs. Four to be exact. But only these two the Wally Kendzora and the Maxine Thompson were to be seen.
Above and Below: A last treat to be seen as we headed out of the shipyard was the Edward L Ryerson. Built in the 1960's it exhibits some almost futuristic lines in its shape and is quite popular amongst boat watchers. It was in dock receiving some repairs to some of its hold hatches. The future of the Ryerson may not be too rosy however. As it is one of the last boats on the Lakes without a self unloader. Which means it spends longer in dock laoding and unloading it's cargo than other boats and in these dark times that's not sound economic practice. Hopefully the owners will decide to install a self unloader as it would be a sad loss if the Ryerson was scrapped.
With that we headed off to complete the tour. The guide had been talking the whole time we were in the shipyard. But I was so taken with the giants around us that I can't remember a thing he told us. Perhaps I need to go on the tour again...

We did see some other craft while we were out on the tour and I'll share those with you later.

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