Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fraser Shipyards (part one)

Without a doubt, the best trip we have ever had on a vista cruise was this one of June 2009. After our jaunt into the lake. Which was actually quite calm. We headed into the harbour and as usual we had no idea where we would be headed for there was very little boat traffic about. The tugs were moored, the taconite dock was empty and midwest energy was deserted. We went a short ways up the St. Louis River and turned at midwest energy. As we turned the only boats that we could see were those laid up for the winter/recession and repairs at Fraser shipyards.
"We couldn't be going down there". We thought. "Surely it's private property. A construction site. It must be restricted"
But the Vista King pottered along and passed the CHS grain elevators and passed under the Blatnick (high) bridge and into the shipyard. As we approached I took this picture was reminded of pictures in National Geographic of places in the Indian ocean where ships are grounded on the beaches to be broken up. I hoped such a fate was not falling on these vessels.
Below: First up was the St Clair. We passed so close to this giant that I almost felt we could reach out and touch it. But discretion being the better part of valour we decided against that.
Below: We slowly drifted past the St Clair and then the Kaye E Barker came into view. It was awe inspiring to see these magnificent vessels so close up.
Below: As we passed the Kaye E Barker. I looked back and thought that this made for a rather nice picture.
There is still more to come of our trip around Fraser shipyards.

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